Monday, July 03, 2006

Day 1 continued..........

My friend Amy and I have just finished eating our supper and now we are waiting for our residence meeting to begin. We had such a beautiful afternoon, we walked along this beautiful path that leads down to the ocean. It was so nice and peaceful, and I love the smell of the salt sea air. I was sure to take lots of pictures. I even took off my shoes and socks and waded for a bit into the water, I can`t remember the last time that I waded into the Atlantic Ocean! Then, the path continued on into a nice wooded area where we continued walking. It was such a beautiful day today.

We also walked down to the convience store and picked up some snacks, water etc. It wasn`t too bad of a walk, but a little out of the ways, that's for sure.

It feels like I`ve travelled back in time to my university days. Its so weird, being in residence, eating in the meal hall, I guess I`ve gotten too used to living at home!

I am going to try and upkeep my blog for the duration of my stay here, but I'll be typing in French. Its going to be weird, but I think it will be good practice for me as well.

I just hope you can bear with all the grammatical errors I will no doubt be making! LOL!
I don`t think I`ve shared this scrap yet! I did this as a quote challenge on Digi Scrappin Biz. I tried a bit of a different approach, I put the pictures all in the middle, with the words at the top and the bottom. I love this kit! It`s Blue by Amanda Rockwell!

I don`t think I`ve shared this scrap either! I love this one of Lydia, she is too cute! This was a sketch challenge on Digital Freebies! So much fun! The kit is another Amanda Rockwell creation, its Spring! Thanks for looking!


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