Sunday, July 30, 2006

Home Now!

I am hoping this works. Amy took this little video of me at the music talent show at Saint Anne's!

I can't believe how fast the time went while I was at Ste Anne's studying French! It hardly seems real now that I was actually there.

I have to say that I really liked the program a lot. I was in the Teacher program, which was 4 weeks long. We had two classes in the morning, a Methodologies class where we learned practical activities, games etc that we can use in the classroom, as well as looked at the currciculum for French in NS schools, pedagogy of differences, multiple intelligence theory . . . . basically ways that we can enhance our teaching in the classroom. I found this particular class was really useful!

The second class was a grammar class, and I have to say I was quite skeptical about how this one would go, as I am the kind of person who thinks, grammar, blah, boring!!!! But it wasn't at all! The professor made it really interesting, and I found that I learned a lot and put to use what I learned in my everyday conversations with people.

Then, in the afternoon, we had what is called an atelier, which was again, looking at differnet games and methods of teaching, for example, using music in the classroom and how to teach elementary kids using large storybooks and various activities that can derive from those. We did a few group projects, and luckily Amy was my partner, we work well together!

In the evenings, they usually had various things going on, like concerts, or sports etc. I had the chance to play some soccar and some ball hockey for my residence! Totally not athletic at all, but it was fun all the same!

They also had two musical talent nights, and I took part in both of them! The first one, I played Memory from Cats on the piano, then I accompanied one of the profs who sang a jazz solo, "Danser Sur Moi" (never heard of it before, so it was new for me). Its been a long time since I've played piano in front of a large audience, but I think it went really well! The second musical talent night, I played Misty on the piano, then I accompanied a fellow teacher who sang Moon River in French. What a fun night that was!

Also, on the weekends, they had theme parties at the on campus bar. So, I took part in the Toga Party, the Tex Mex Party, Haiwiian Party, Halloween Party and the Lousianna Theme Night! It was so much fun, to go out with people my own age again and dance the night away! I loved it, I haven't been out like that since before Lydia was born. I just don't get the chance to anymore.

All in all, I have to say that the people that were in the teachers program were all really nice. I had a wonderful time, and I really do feel that my French has improved a lot. In fact, the professor who taught grammar was trying to talk me into coming back for the fall semester. But right now that's not a possibility, because it was hard enough leaving Lydia for four weeks.

Hopefully though, this course I just completed will give me an "edge" as far as my teaching is concerned.

And I have to say it was awsome seeing Amy again and spending every day with her! I haven't done that in years, not since we were in high school together! I mean, I've seen her after high school quite a few times, but not everyday on a regular basis like that.


Blogger Melanie said...

I am so glad you are back, and I am so glad you had fun!

You are quite the piano player! You should tape yourself more often and put it on here!!

Welcome home sweety! Now, back to scrappin!!!

11:42 a.m.  
Blogger Amy said...

You play beautifully Paula! I miss you already! :o

12:50 a.m.  

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