Friday, October 27, 2006

Fall Pages

There have been so many nice fall kits, I thought I'd share some of the fall LOs I've done for my CTs either with Alma or with Elemental Scraps!

This is a beautiful LO that I did using Laura Corzine's Fall Beauty
I love this photo of Lydia! Also, this was done for a quote challenge at Elemental Scraps and the journalling says: seeing autumn through your eyes makes each day a discovery of something new and beautiful!

This is another LO that I made with the same kit. This was a template challenge and here I did a desktop calender for October!

This one was a Quote Challenge for The Scrap Habit. I used Bella Gypsy's Harvest Hues from Elemental Scraps as well! The quote says: A tangerine and russet cascade
Of kaleidoscopic leaves
Creates a tapestry of autumn magic
Upon the emerald carpet of fading summer.
- Judith A. Lindberg

Thanks for looking! I will post some more tomorrow!

Friday, October 20, 2006

I've been tagged!!!!!

List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets. Tag 5 friends and list them. Those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people. Don't forget to let the people you tag know by posting a comment on their blog!

1. I am a huge fan of musicals, especially Andrew Lloyd Webber and I love to sing along with my CDs!

2. When I lived in Korea, I used to love going to the Bath Houses to relaxe!

3. I love Saved By The Bell and watch it wheneve I get the chance.

4. I put ketchup on my French Toast, because its delicious that way!

5. I love to run through the grass in my bare feet on a warm summer's day.

OK, now I choose to tag Cindy , Petra , Marisa , Theresa , and Jae

Now for the LOs!

This one is really sweet! I love the way it turned out! I used Mocha Latte by Kelli Martin at Elemental Scraps! I love the heart frame and the journalling around the outside!

This is another one that I am very proud of! I just love the way it turned out! I am using Faded Pastels by Poppy Andrews, another kit at ES!

This is another beautiful LO! It was a scraplift challenge at Elemental Scraps and the kit is just gorgeous! This was a free kit by Bannerwoman from Digital Freebies on the completion of her Double Trouble Sketch Challenge! I love those challenges! :)

I will post some more LOs tomorrow, I don't want to bombard you with all the work I've been doing!

Other then scrapping, things have been really good! Lydia has her Halloween costume, she is going to be a bunny! Here is a pic of her!

Doesn't she make the cutest bunny ever! My Mom bought that costume for her at Frenchy's for only $1.50! I can't wait, because this will be her first year Trick-or-Treating! I can't wait to make a scrap out of it either! LOL!

Credits : Blog Banner template by Jennilyn Designs Kit is Falling For You by Elemental Scraps Element Team