Thursday, August 31, 2006

All About Ste Annes!

Well, yesturday was all about Amanda Rockwell, today is all about the LOs I did from my session at Ste Annes. This first one is using a quick fix template by Alma Townsend, and the kit is Blue Skies by Misty Cato. On the second day that we were at the session, my friend Amy and I took a walk by the beach, and of course, I had to wade in the ocean! What fun that was!

This was done as a quote challenge on The Scrap Habit. Again, I am using Blue Skies by Misty Cato. I love this scrap because I don't often work with white spaces, and I think this one just turned out so well! This was taken on the same day!

This scrap was done with a quick fix template by Alma Townsend, and the kit is Always There, a compliation kit by Alma Townsend, Misty Cato, Elizabeth Lane and Heather Watson, made for The Scrap Habit. I love this photo of Amy and I, it was taken by our friend Monica.
I love the bright colours in this kit! This is Sherbert Blossoms by Alma Townsend, and the pictures are from the Hawaiian Party that Amy and I went to! That was so much fun, and this LO was so much fun to do as well!
Finally, this is a two page LO that I did as a sketch challenge for The Scrap Habit. The kit is Always There by Alma Townsend, Misty Cato, Elizabeth Lane and Heather Watson.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

All About Amanda Rockwell

I have not updated my blog in a long time, so here are some scraps that I have done recently that I wanted to share! And as it happened, all of these kits I used were designed by Amanda Rockwell! The first couple are done with quick fix cheat sheets, which are layered templates that were designed by Alma Townsend as a challenge on The Scrap Habit. The first one, Lydia's New Chair, shows Lydia sitting in the new chair we bought her this summer! I love the kit, its Garden Sunset by Amanda Rockwell, which is exclusive to The Sweet Shoppe!
The colours are so bright and cheerful and I love the plastic buttons and things!
The next LO, Summer Girl, is another quick fix layered template by Alma Townsend and the kit is Fruit Punch by Amanda Rockwell, again, a Sweet Shoppe exclusive. Very pretty!

I really like all the beaded words that came with this kit as well as all the beaded elements and the colours are so vibrant!
The one below it, was a Scripture Challenge on The Daily Scrap, and I also used it as a scraplift challenge on Elemental Scraps. The kit is another one by Amanda Rockwell, called Summer Brights. I love the use of the 3 photos in this LO!

This was a kit I've had for a while, but I still love using it!
Below that one, where Lydia is reading, that was a quote challenge on The Daily Scrap, and again, I am using an Amanda Rockwell Kit. This one is Floral Splendor, another Sweet Shoppe exclusive! Lydia loves to read her books, so it wasn't difficult to get her to pose for these pics!

I love the elements in this kit, like the ribbons and the buttons!
Lastly, this kit is called A Mother's Love by Amanda Rockwell and this was done as a sketch challenge on Digital Freebies. I love the pinks in this kit, and the ribbon elements as well.

Lydia just looks too darn cute in this pic!

Also, I have exciting news! I've been accepted as a CT member on Elemental Scraps! I love Amanda as a designer and nowI have more excuses to use her kits! And new and exciting things are happening with Alma as well! This is gonig to be an exciting month in September!

I have more LOs to share, but I'll upload them tomorrow!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

100 Things About Paula May!

OK, I've been tagged by Marisa, so now its time for me to add 100 things about myself!

  1. I love my daughter Lydia more then anyone else in the world!
  2. I went to Mount Allison, where I did a double major in English and Drama
  3. In my fourth year at Mt A, I directed a one act play for my final drama project, called Still Stands the House by Gwen Pharis Ringwood.
  4. I am a HUGE fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals!
  5. I taught ESL in Daejon, South Korea for a year and a half.
  6. I LOVE all Korean food!
  7. My favorite Korean movie is called Taeguki, which is about two brothers during the Korean War.
  8. I've been to Japan and the Phillippians as well.
  9. I was born in Germany
  10. I've been in every province of Cananda, but I've never been to the States.
  11. When I was 15 years old, I took part in the Miss Valley Ex Pagent and tied for Miss Talent.
  12. I started piano lessons when I was 8 years old, so I've been playing for 19 years.
  13. I used to teach piano lessons to young children for three years in high school.
  14. I've played piano for my church, and I've been on 3 different worship teams at school and at Korea.
  15. I play the trombone.
  16. When I was in Korea, I played 2nd Trombone for the Daeduk Symphonic Orchestra and I was the only non-Korean in the group.
  17. I have my red belt in Tae Kwon Do.
  18. My two favorite composers for piano are Chopin and Debussy.
  19. My other two favorite composers are Tchaicovsky and Ravel.
  20. When I was in grade 6, I had to get braces for my top teeth.
  21. My favorite colour is purple.
  22. On my way to Manila, I spent the night at Inchon International Airport in Korea.
  23. When I was in my second year of University, I skipped two days of classes, took the bus down to Halifax, and joined a couple of friends to see Tragically Hip in concert.
  24. I almost got lost in Japan.
  25. One time when I was travelling in Korea, I took the wrong bus and ended up in the wrong city, so I had to backtrack myself.
  26. I make an awsome chocolate cheesecake. Everyone says so.
  27. I took TESL in University and tutored a Japanese student who ended up becoming a good friend.
  28. Originally, I had wanted to go to Japan and teach, not Korea.
  29. I've seen Chicago and Cats live onstage, both in Korea.
  30. My favorite American movie is The Shawshank Redemption, though Memoirs of a Geisha comes in a very close second!
  31. I spend four weeks this summer at Sainte Anne's studying French.
  32. My favorite animal is a cat.
  33. In my fourth year at University, I stage managed the musical at Mt A that year, it was Kiss Me Kate.
  34. When I lived in Korea, I LOVED going to bath houses! I would make it a point of going once a week, it was my "ME" time!
  35. I love eating with chopsticks!
  36. I enjoy cooking stirfrys.
  37. I am addicted to Digital Scrapbooking! On a good week, I can do a LO a day! Sometimes two!
  38. I love being a member of W2W!
  39. I love to downhill ski in the winter.
  40. I have two brothers who are both younger then me.
  41. I learned how to read, write and speak a tiny little bit of Korean. Basically, I can order food in resturants and tell taxi drivers where to go! LOL!
  42. I love the ocean.
  43. I love the feel of warm grass underneath my bare feet in the summer.
  44. I enjoy walking under the moon and stars at night.
  45. I love to sing and do it constantly at home.
  46. When I was in high school, and part of University, I used to belong to a handbell choir.
  47. I was in Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers.
  48. I had a cat when I was a little girl and I named her Misty.
  49. I love to swim.
  50. The first thing I look for in a guy is whether or not I can carry on a good conversation with him.
  51. I enjoy playing Cribbage.
  52. I love Baily's in my coffee.
  53. I think blueberry bagels from Tim Hortons, toasted and spread with strawberry cream cheese, is delicious!
  54. The next country I want to visit is China.
  55. I hope to go back to Korea some day.
  56. My favorite author is Timothy Findley.
  57. My favorite book by him is Pilgrim.
  58. When I was in University, I took every single Canadian Literature course that I could! I love studying Can Lit!
  59. I really like Post Modernism as well.
  60. Some day, I hope to go back to University and get my Masters of Education.
  61. I love driving my car.
  62. When I was little, I was afraid to light fires.
  63. I enjoy listening to female vocal artists, like Sarah McLaughlin, Celine Dion, Paula Cole, Amanda Marshall, Shawn Colville etc
  64. I love cherrys.
  65. When I was a student, I worked for 3 summers with the Annapolis Valley Historical Society at the MacDonald Museum in Middleton, in the geneology library. I would assist visitors in finding out information about their ancestors or research the history of the area. My job title was Reseach Assistant and Historical Researcher.
  66. I worked one summer at Middleton and District Daycare.
  67. I've worked for two summers as a camp counsellour.
  68. Even though I've gone to church my entire life, it wasn't until I was 16 that I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour.
  69. I went to Atlantic Baptist University for my Bachelor of Education.
  70. I have had 30 different roommates/apartmentmates in my life.
  71. My favorite season is winter.
  72. I've been to two professional soccar games in Korea and both times, the outcome was 0-0.
  73. When I was little, I chipped my front tooth, so now I have a cap on it.
  74. I've been to a Korean wedding ceramony.
  75. I've visited many different Buddhist shrines and temples in Korea and in Japan.
  76. I've visited a women's prison in Manila, Phillippines, during a prison ministry visit.
  77. I've visited an orphanage in Korea.
  78. I've climbed mountains in Korea.
  79. I've had 5 different Tae Kwon Do instructors in Korea.
  80. My favorite coffee house in Korea was called The Walking Man. My picture is on the wall.
  81. I've dyed my hair many times in the past.
  82. When I was a teenager, I loved having sleepovers.
  83. I love doing Tae Bo.
  84. I also love aqua-fit water areobics.
  85. My favorite ice cream is called Flying Purple Cows, but I'll also settle for anything chocolate.
  86. My three favorite TV shows are The Gilmore Girls, The OC and Desperate Housewives. I NEVER miss an episode.
  87. I've always wanted to be a teacher.
  88. I love working backstage in the theatre more then acting.
  89. Last year, I was in the Greenwood Player's production of Playing Doctor. I played a character named Maureen.
  90. I enjoy a good game of Risk.
  91. When I was 5 years old, I was in ballet for a year, but the ballet teacher told my Mom I was too high spirited for ballet!
  92. When I was 14, I went to a week long French Camp.
  93. Mount Allison was the only place I applied to for my BA.
  94. I only lived in residence for one year, after that I moved off.
  95. I love Latin dancing, esecially the Salsa, but only if I have a partner that knows how to lead and how to lead well.
  96. I've volunteered at International Christmas for 3 years in a row.
  97. I spent 4 Christmases in a row away from my family.
  98. I love to ride my bike.
  99. I know how to do cross stitch, knitting and sewing.
  100. I love spending time with my friends!

Whew! I am all done! OK, next, I choose to tag Amy and Amie! Good luck girls!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Videos from Sainte Annes!

Amy made some great videos with her camera at Sainte Anne's! Here are a few!

This one is our residence playing ball hockey! It was a lot of fun. Normally, I don't do sports at all, but I made an exception this time.

This was our final banquet, where we burned our contracts and can now speak French!

At the Halloween Party, one of the girls dressed up as a bride, and for a surprise, we had our prof dress up as the groom! Tee hee hee!

And what is a wedding without a first dance?

We had a Game Show Night, with a parody of The Price is Right!

Dancing the night away!

And the last three are from the funny olympics we had on one of our first days!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pictures from Sainte Annes

Here are a few pictures from Sainte Anne's! Most of them are of Amy and me! They were taken on one of our first days, when we could still speak English! The campus was located next to the ocean, so it was quite peaceful and beautiful out there. I love how these photos turned out, and will probably scrap them when I have the time! Its weird, seeing Amy everyday for 4 weeks, and then not seeing her at all anymore. And to go from being a University Student to being a full time Mom again. But I was glad that I had the chance to go and study French this summer, and hopefully I can do this again in the near future!
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