Saturday, June 24, 2006

Scraps for Friends

I love doing scraps for friends of mine! Here are a few that I have done!

This is probably the first scrap that I did for someone else. It's for a friend of mine on W2W. The poem is very beautiful, it reads:

WHY MY HEART CRIED She came into this world as beautiful as an angel, but wait, she was silent, something was wrong. My Heart Cried. I didn't get to see her; they swept her right away. My Heart Cried. Two hours later, I saw a tiny little girl, all hooked up to machines and tubes, lain bare on a table for all to observe. All I wanted was to hold and nurse her. My Heart Cried. Four hours later the Doctor told me her chances, they were slim, a mere ten percent. My Heart Cried. She got through her first weeks, then months, and now, going on her fourth year. They have been hard, many trials and hospitalizations, and with everyone of them, My Heart Cried. Today, as I watch her play, she is happy in her world. She has very few words to tell us what she needs and wants, but we know. She has been a toddler for two years now, not knowing what awaits her in the world. For these things, My Heart Cried. I used to look at her and think why her, why me. Why can't she be more like the other children? For these thoughts, My Heart Cried. Today, I looked at her, playing and communicating in her way, but today was different. My heart cried with a smile. I am grateful she was given to me, and grateful to be chosen as her mom. God trusted me with a very special package. For that my Heart Cries. It cries tears of Gratitude and of Joy. Her name is Abigail; it means a Father's Joy. For us she is so much more. Our Heavenly Father gave us some of his Joy, for that, My Heart Rejoices with tears of happiness.

This poem actually won a Creative Writing Contest that I was hosting on W2W! The kit is Sweetheart by Lauren Grier.

This is another early scrap! I did this one for my brother Roger and his girlfriend. Don't they look nice together? The kit is Pretty in Purple by Mel Violette and the font is Enchanted Prairie Dog. LOL, kinda cute, isn't it?

This one was my very first scraplift! I scraplifted Melanie's awsome LO My Friends. The kit again is Sweetheart! I love that kit! The cute couple are my friend Amy and her boyfriend Chris. Aren't they sweet?
This is another scrap I did for Amy. This kit is Your Love is Better then Chocolate by AMS DS and I fiddled around with some filter effects on the photo. The font is called Inkspots.

I did this LO for my friend Kory, this picture was taken while we were still in Korea. The kit is the welcome kit for Digital Scrapbook Place. The font is Japanese Brush.
This LO I did for my friend Tracy from W2W, on the birth of her new daughter. I used All About Baby Purple by Lauren Grier. This was fun to work on!

This one I am rather proud of! I did it as an inspiration challenge for my brother Richard! I love the word brush from SpaceRaven that I used, and also the stock photo of the writing I also used from her site!
This is one I did for my friend Mich from W2W. Her daughter is just so cute! I love the fun photos! I used Sweet Pea by Lauren Grier and tried to make the LO look like a book. I think it looks pretty neat!

This is so sweet, I made this for Jennifer (Jenniflower) on W2W. The kit is Ribbit Kisses and it just fit so well with these photos! The kit is by Lauren Grier, Amanda Rockwell and Rebecca Gold.

I think this LO is really cute! I did this for my Creative Team, the kit is Splash by Alma Townsend and this is my friend Mich's little girl. I also did this LO for a font challenge on Elemental Scraps.

Lastly, I did this LO for my friend Jaker on W2W. I also completed this for a sketch challenge on ES. The kit is Kit is Rambling Rose by Lauren Bavin and the Word Art is (c) 2005 Dani Mogstad at

I hope you enjoyed all these LOs!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am on a CT!!!!!

This is very exciting news, I am on a Creative Team for Alma Townsend. Her website is The Scrap Habit where you can see her designs. Here are some of the LOs that I've made so far with her kits.

This one is called Mommy's Little Mechanic and the kit that I am using is called Girly. This was such a cute photo of Lydia, it looks as though she is actually trying to fix her car, hence the name! The fonts are Pea Catherine and Kids First Print. I love the pink colours of this kit, so nice!

This one is called Cute as a Butterfly and the kit is called Butterfly. I love this photo of Lydia, we were out to a tea, and I dressed her up in this pretty little dress. As you can see, she is getting quite big and tried to open up the door! The font I am using is called Splendid and I tried a torn edge effect for this LO! I think it turned out pretty well!

This LO is called Bermuda 2005 and is actually a picture that my brother Roger took while he was in Bermuda back in November for a band trip. I wish I was there! I love the photo!

The kit is really nice too, its called Chocolate Dream Bouquet and I love the blues and browns. The fonts are Stamp Act and stoned wash 6. I am pretty happy with the way this one turned out.

This is the most recent LO I made for her. It's called Stroller and the font is called Lounge Bait. I also combined this with a font challenge on Elemental Scraps, This kit is called Chocolate Cream Bouquet and has some lovely earth tones in it!

I am so excited to be on a Creative Team and I've been having a lot of fun with it too!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Fun challenges and things!

This LO has a lot of purple! LOL! I did this for a colour challenge on, as well as a sketch challenge on ES. I love the gardening theme, its really sweet. Not too sure what I think of all the purple, but they are really sweet pics of Lydia, that's for sure!

This is not for a challenge, but just a really sweet LO that I did yesturday. I love the kit, its Maia by Lauren Grier, and the photo is just too cute, with Lydia looking in the mirror. she is such a sweetheart and the poem is so fitting as well.
This one I am rather proud of, because I am journalling in a circle, around the edges of the cut paper. This was a lot of fun to do! Again, I loved the garden theme, the kit here is Summer Brights by Amanda Rockwell.

This one is just too cute! Lydia had her back turned to the camera when I took this picture, and I did it for a challenge I hosted on Time Out forum. The kit, which I love, is Absolutely by Lauren Grier.

This one is my latest one, I did it for a quote challenge on I love the kit, its Blue by Amanda Rockwell and I loved using all the different photos of myself and Lydia as well.

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